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California Beach Destinations From Pismo Beach to Big Sur

Copyright (c) 2010 Candi Seger
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California is a huge place, and so your choice of beach rentals
is vast and varied. From the Northern coast of California, with
fog-bound beaches and forests that stretch down to the ocean, to
Southern California where beach-life and sunshine are the main
attractions, you will find that California offers a wealth of
vacation destinations that could make your next vacation perfect.

California beach rentals offer relaxation opportunities to
everyone. Given its 840-miles of coastline, California beach
vacation rentals are numerous, with an array of attractions close
to nearly every beach destination. There are hidden gems and
popular destinations around every curve; you just need to decide
what you want from your vacation and there will be a beach rental
to accommodate you and your family!

Whether you are interested in surfing, hiking or soaking in the
sun, you can find the beach vacation rental of your dreams in

The beating heart of the beach vacation rental industry in
California is located on the South coast.

With the postcard perfect beach communities that hug the ocean
from San Luis Obispo to San Diego, you will have endless choices
of rental opportunities when seeking your perfect California
beach rental.

One of the most attractive places to stay in California, with a
laid-back and typical California beach community feel is Pismo
Beach, California. Many vacation rentals sit right on the beach
with an unobstructed view of the sunset, with a quaint little
downtown area within walking distance for an evening stroll under
the palm trees.

If you desire a more rural and rustic retreat, there is no better
place to find your vacation rental than Big Sur, California.
Surrounded by rugged mountains, misty beaches and with a minimum
of people around you, it's a perfect place to relax and unwind
to the sounds of nature.

Whether you're staying in the Southern California beach town of
Pismo Beach or in a rustic beach rental in Big Sur, there is
plenty to do when you are not stretched out on the beach -
relaxing next to the ocean. Surfing is the main hobby on this
beach, along with boogie-boarding, kayaking and fishing. You will
find all of the above activities within a short walk of any
vacation rental you might choose.

Known for its surf, Pismo Beach is home to many surf-guides who
will walk you through your first steps learning the art of
surfing, which is a wonderful souvenir to acquire during your

If you opt for the more nature-centric vacation rental in Big Sur
your options for outdoor activities are endless! Hiking,
swimming, kayaking and meditation are all things which are
enjoyed in the pristine wilderness around your Big Sur vacation

While enjoying your California beach rental you might want to
take a break from the relaxation for some engaging local
activities. While visiting Pismo Beach, you should take the time
to make the short drive to San Luis Obispo, a beautiful city with
many wonderful shops and a world-famous Farmer's Market:

It is a great way to spend a Thursday evening during the summer,
enjoying the cool night air and tasting some fine fruits and
vegetables, native to the region. If you opt for Pismo Beach, you
are also very near the heart of the Central California Wine
Region. A drive through the vineyards and some relaxing wine
tasting are a great way to enhance your stay in the area, and a
bottle of fine wine makes a wonderful souvenir.

In Big Sur, you have many, many options to choose from in regards
to vacation activities.

Small towns dot the coastline there, full of art galleries,
crafts and some very fine restaurants. One place that shouldn't
be missed if you are a fan of literature is the Henry Miller

If you have a passion for fine food, visit the town of Nepenthe
and the restaurant of the same name. You will not be

Candi Seger writes about travel, vacation homes and
the Bed and Breakfast industry. To explore additional
information about vacation home rentals and Bed And
Breakfast rentals, respectively, visit:

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